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Wildrose Teton Valley

Ryan Alderman – From Professional Chef to Professional Dog Trainer in The Wildrose Way

What do you do with a Labrador retriever in the lazy, hot, humid summers of the Southern US? Wildrose Kennels and Blixt have the answer. Send them to summer camp in the outdoorsy, sunny, cool mountains and rivers of Teton Valley, Idaho for some high altitude endurance bird training with other hunting dogs from around the West.


Mike Stewart trains the Blixt & Co team

Ryan Alderman, a Mississippi college graduate who loved playing soccer and hunting with his female yellow lab, M.J., first trained as a professional chef under the mentorship of Swiss Executive Chef Roland Schneider in Oxford, Mississippi when the owner of Locals Restaurant and Bar, Bobby Tekwani, wanted to add some international flare to his restaurant cooking style and menu. But Ryan soon found out that being a professional chef was an indoor “sport” and so when Michael Stewart was looking to mentor young amateur dog trainers in the Wildrose way, Ryan switched career goals from the kitchen to an outdoor “sport “of professional hunting dog training using the Michael Stewart’s tried and proven Wildrose way. After all, if Michael can get a feature article on his methodology in Forbes magazine not once but twice and have finished dogs “fetch” upward of $15,000, he must know the “secret”.


Well, as they say it was “love at first sight”. Good bye “chefing” – Hello “dog training! After a visit to Blixt’s Ash Hill driven pheasant and partridge shoot in the Teton Valley last fall, a dream was devised – Wildrose Satellite Kennels in Teton Valley. Wildrose Kennels, in partnerships with Blixt & Co., now offer world-class gundog experiences on the most athletic driven shoots in North America. Wildrose clients can now benefit from the most intensive gundog training exposures available for their retrievers outside the United Kingdom.


Ryan will be in residence from June through November at Wildrose Teton Valley and Blixt shooting estates training client dogs from the east as well as other western dogs that will be going to “summer camp” and then coaching them as they are used in the field with both client shooters and staff picker uppers in the fall shooting program at Blixt driven pheasant and partridge shoots. Each dog will experience the diversity of rugged terrain, massive gunfire exposure and unmatched opportunities for game bird recovery on both driven and rough shooting walkups. On a shooting day, dogs are exposed to thousands of birds with the opportunity to pick up hundreds, affording unparalleled opportunities for retriever work. The Wildrose -Blixt partnership will expose a gun dog to years of experience all in one summer/fall program. Sort of like a concentrated Ph.D. program for gun dogs – Perfect Hunting Dog! Your dog should have this degree!


Michael Stewart’s Wildrose Dog Training seminars featuring the “star” himself will also be offered during Blixt Sporting Days June 15-18, 2017 at Blue Shy Park City, Utah and June 22-23 at Blixt Teton Valley, Idaho.