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Dynamic Days Afield

Rough Shooting

Certainly some of the most dynamic days in the field, Rough Shoots are a combination of a classic walk-up style hunt and a driven shoot. The days unfold in an exciting progression, presenting birds strong from being in the field for months and the joy of a classic days afield.


Hosted at the end of the driven season, dynamic days in the field, are a combination of a classic walk-up style hunt and a driven shoot. Guest will break into teams for a “walk one, stand one” configuration, taking advantage of the terrain, cover crops, woods and valleys. Bird presentation ranges from high, overhead shots to traditional going away flushes. Beaters, Gamekeepers, as well as dogs and handlers round out the team.

The Shoot

Over the course of the event we will explore the varied terrain of the Blixt Shooting Properties, culminating with lunch by the fire in the safari tent. Our custom gun bus will provide transportation to the various locations on the shoots and a comfortable reprieve during elevenses, a classic British break in the field. These end of season days have become a Blixt & Co favorite. The days unfold in a dynamic progression, presenting birds strong from being in the field for months and the joy of a classic days afield.

  • Two consecutive days of unlimited birds
  • Host for duration of your stay
  • Idaho hunting license
  • Use of Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon if you so require
  • Cartridges (in stock 12, 20 and 28)
  • Ground transportation from Idaho Falls, Driggs or Jackson Hole
  • Three nights of luxury accommodations
  • All food and drink including three-course dinner by private chef
Labrador Gun Dog
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What does “walk one, stand one” mean?

We will break the group into walking guns and standing guns. The walking guns will often walk with the gamekeepers and the beaters through the cover crops and through the drive area. The standing guns will be located in the canyons below, waiting for the birds to be driven towards them. Throughout the course of the day you will be shifting the position from which you are shooting. Standing guns often have a more traditional driven target, while walking guns take more classic upland style shots.

What should I wear?

The key to rough shooting attire is comfort and warmth. Due to the time of year, we are often shooting and walking in the snow. Sturdy comfortable boots, warm layers and consideration for snow should be paramount.

What equipment should I bring?

We provide gun slips, loading bags and ammunition so there is no need to pack these bulky items. Due to the fact that we are often walking, consider brining a shell pouch or jackets/vest with large pockets. If you have personal eye and ear protection, bring it along. However we have plenty on hand if you need anything. We also have a pro-shop for any gear you might need.

How much are we walking?

Depending on the day, we could walk a considerable distance. Sturdy, comfortable footwear is important. You may also be covering some different types of terrain, from cover crops and fields to wooded areas.

What kind of cartridges do you provide?

We supply 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauge, Hull Cartridges 2 1/2″ game loads.

What chokes do you recommend?

We recommend modified and improved modified.

Do I need a license?

Yes. You will need a valid Idaho State Preserve License. This is a limited license and is not valid for other small game in areas outside of a shooting preserve. Once you fill out the license information form, we will provide this license for you. **IF YOU ARE BORN AFTER 1975, you must have completed Hunter Safety and provide your hunter safety number to get a Idaho Hunting License.**

How do I get there?

We provide transportation to the lodge and shooting grounds from the Jackson Hole, Driggs and Idaho Falls airports. Please visit the Getting Here Page for directions and more information.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. We ask that if you bring your dog on peg, that it is under control and not a distraction for your safety and shooting.

What are the gratuity guidelines?

Tipping is certainly not mandatory but is permitted. Some of our guests have requested guidelines. Depending on the length of your stay you could consider $75-100/person/day for gratuity that will be distributed to all staff including the chef, hospitality, and Gamekeepers.   If you have a walk-up dog handler, we recommend tipping somewhere between $75-$150 at the end of the day.

How to


First things first, confirm your dates! Based on availability, once you have selected your preferred dates, please contact us to reserve and place  your booking. Please note that all shoot days are booked on a first come first served basis, and the shooting schedule is subject to change.

Join Us at Blixt & Co

The Rough Shooting season starts mid-November. We cater to a line of 8-12 guns, and Blixt & Co. offers a number of different packages, all of which can be customized to fit your particular interest.


There are two ways to participate in this unique opportunity; as a full line of guns or as an individual. As an individual gun, you need to join our Shooting Syndicate. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sport without the need to find seven other friends to form a full team of guns.


When you are ready to begin the planning stage, our hospitality team is on hand to help you with all the details. Our team has a range of resources to help you and your guests to plan your trip, from packing lists to activities for non-shooting guests.