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Field Fashion

At Blixt & Co, we spend a lot of time in the field, wearing tweed and testing the functionality and usability of garments and gear. As a result, many of our customers and clients ask for advice, which we gladly share. In particular, women struggle as there are very few resources to provide guidelines and recommendations. Not to mention the challenge of balancing tradition, etiquette, function, fit and of course STYLE!

It is important to come prepared and dress for the shoot. Each shoot is different, but it is best to bring clothing that will keep you comfortable, warm and dry, with an eye to earthy colors and NO CAMMO or BLAZE. Driven Shooting attire should not be confused with duck hunting gear. Tweeds, wools and earthen colors are expected and you should avoid bright colors that will flare the birds. Blaze orange is required for upland or walk up hunting but should be avoided on a driven shoot as the birds flying overhead can see it and will quickly divert their course.

In addition to considering the weather, make sure that you can comfortably mount your gun and that you are not impeded by what you are going to wear.
A traditional Tweed Shooting Suit usually consists of the following: Breeks, Long socks with flashes, Shooting Vest, Sport Jacket, and a Field Coat or other outerwear.  Additionally matching or coordinating trousers can be included. You certainly don’t have to wear all of this, but if you are asked to dress traditionally, consider what you pack.

Guidelines for



My Must Haves

Shooting Vest
   Tweed & Lightweight
   Tweed or similar
Breeks and/or Trousers
   Tweed, Cordaroy or Khakis
Shirts (Prints or checks) & Feminine Shirts
   Cotton or Cotton Wool Blend
Field Coat or Outerwear
   Tweed or Other Waterproof
   Linen, Cord, Tweed or Wool
Tall Boots/Wellie Boots
  Leather lined
Long Socks & Flashes
Hat (For those who know me know I love Brit West Hats
Skinny Cords

I have created a PDF of this information for your use.




Like you I am always looking for inspiration, great fitting items that I can add to my collection and advice from other women.

I use Pintrest a lot. You can check out my pins here!


I also encourage you to share with me, your favorite items, where to buy, new brands and designers and I will share them here.

Some of my favorite items have come from the least likely places. My beloved canvas jacket with shooting patch and deep bellows pockets was a impromptu gift bought in Miami Florida. My favorite linen skirt I bought at the Gap years ago. Keep your eyes peeled and slowly build your collection.

One thing to keep in mind is where you are shooting, who you are shooting with, and the style of shooting you are doing. For example, on a driven shoot, check with your host about the formality of meals. Sometimes dinners are black tie.


Grouse Shooting is particularly specific as any non-earthen colors will flare the birds and ruin the shoot. This includes creams, orange, red or anything that might stand out in the landscape.

Look No. 1

The Shooting Vest, paired with a sweater, shirt and scarf are what you will find us wearing most days. Not only is this look practical,  but the numerous layers allow you to adjust to the weather throughout the day. Depending on how formal the shooting environment, you can easily pair this look with jeans or khakis or on a driven shoot, wear the vest with breeks or skirt. A lightweight tweed or twill is a good option for those in warmer climates. To splurge have a tailor make you custom tweeds!

Option: Add a waterproof soft shell or Gortex layer  under the vest in inclement weather.

What You Need: Shooting Vest, Long Skirt, Skinny Cords or Khakies, Tall Boots, Chunky Sweaters, Outerwear, Hat, Scarf

Other Items: Gun Slip & Loading Bag, Ear and Eye Protection, Labrador

Look No. 2

We love layers! This is the best way to create a great field look with many things you already have in your closet. We pair our favorite chambray shirt with a lightweight sweater, a vest we bought years ago and our go to skinny cords. Add a few tweed detials and you are ready for the field.Details like a great hat, tall boots and a scarf pull the entire look together

Option: Watch for fashion tweeds on sale at the end of the season. We found some of our favorite pieces at the most unlikely stores.

Look No. 3

One of the main essentials for any shooting kit, is the tweed jacket, but it certainly isn’t limited to the sporting environment. Tweed can easily be dressed up or down, and we encourage you to pair it as often with jeans as you do with breeks.


We also love to steal from the guys! Consider a tie or other menswear elements to bring an elegant polish to your outfit. When you pair it with some feminine details it looks great!

Option: Look for shooting patch or elbow patches for extra sporting use and styling.

Look No. 4

We also love classic American walk up. Depending on the season, you need to dress for the weather, regardless of your sport. A great field vest, field pants or chaps and layers allow for comfort and style. We usually pair our favorites in similar fashion for walk up as we do for driven.

Additionally, we love oil cloth chaps as it provides great thorn proof versatility.

Option: Softshell jackets allow for quite warmth that is good in the rain. Pair it with your shooting vest for a practical and great looking option


Other Sporting Brands
Really Wild Clothing Co
Eddie Bauer
Covey Charleston (Custom Field Pants)

Great Sporting Stores
Kevins (kevinscatalogue)
British Sporting Arms
London Trading Co (Atlanta)
Garden & Gun Mercantile

Traditional Retailers with Great Options   
Ralph Lauren
Garnet Hill

Please Note:  I know there are many other stores and companies. These are a short list and we will continually add more.


Eye Protection

Ear Protection

Gun Slip

Loading Bag


Tip for your Loader and Gamekeeper

Shoes to wear inside at lunch

If You are Picking Up or Bring Your Dog: Game Bag, Lead, Water, Water Bowl, Necker or Priest, Whistle