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Unique in North America

Driven Shooting

With the craft and traditions of the Old World in the majestic landscape of the American West, Blixt & Company is producing authentic Driven Shooting in America. On a day of shooting, our 40 man strong team, will present birds strong on the wing and wild in spirit. Released early in the season, the pheasant and partridge are presented in world-class fashion and will test the skill of the team of guns. Don’t miss this experience that is rare in North America.

Twin Peaks Shoot

The opportunity to participate on a day of driven partridge shooting is one of the rarest you will find in North American. Prior to this venue, avid sportsmen needed to travel to England or Spain in order to participate in the great sport.


In 2014 we added a range of new drives as well as pheasants for a dynamic mixed bag day.


Blixt & Company obtained the sporting rights for Twin Peaks in 2011. The shoot encompasses 620 acres of rolling landscape, with numerous aspen groves, which break up the landscape. The estate is located about 90 minutes from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Shoot

Each shoot accommodates a line of 8 guns, and all days are offered based on a “no-bag limit” and will include 6 drives per shoot day.


During the shoot you will be hosted by the shoot captain,  your personal loader, a 25 man strong team of beaters and dog handlers, all directed by our English game keeper who will make the most to present you with a great day in the field.


A typical day at Twin Peaks starts with breakfast at the Lodge. After breakfast we will head to the field to meet the loaders and the rest of the team. After the customary safety speech and drawing of pegs, we mount up in the custom Gun Bus to move from drive to drive.


There will be two drives in the morning before the guns stop for elevenses, and two more drives before lunch. Lunch is served in the field, under a safari tent placed in a glorious wooded grove setting. Our private chef will make sure that all guests are well looked after.


After lunch, the day continues with the two final drives of the day, before heading back to the Lodge for afternoon tea or cocktails.

Photo Gallery

Nestled into the base of the Teton Mountain Range of Idaho, about one hour and a half drive from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you will find one of the most recent developed shooting properties for traditional driven shooting in America.


In 2015 Blixt & Co. obtained the exclusive shooting rights at Ash Hill Shoot near Ashton Idaho. The estate consists of 1,100 aces of wide open vistas and four steep and dramatic valleys, which vary in depth, giving every level of shooter the ultimate excitement of challenging shooting, as well as the enjoyment of a great day in the field.

The Shoot

During your visit you will be hosted by our staff and private chef. The Lodge accommodates eight guns or eight couples, and is conveniently located in the middle of Teton Valley Idaho, with close proximity to local and private airports.


A days shooting at Ash Hill will include 6 drives, 4 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (dependent on weather). We do not shoot a contracted number of birds, as you will experience a shoot with a NO limit bag.

Photo Gallery
Team of Guns

Number of Pegs: 8

Bag Limited: Unlimited

Quarry: Pheasant & Red Leg Partridge


Package Includes:
  • Two or Three consecutive days of
    of unlimited birds
  • Three nights of luxury accommodation
  • All food and drink including
    three-course dinner by private chef
  • Host for duration of your stay
  • Idaho hunting license
  • Use of Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon if you
    so require
  • Cartridges (in stock 12, 20 and 28)
  • Ground transporation from Idaho Falls,
    Driggs or Jackson Hole

Blixt & Co will provide comfortable, elegant hospitality and lodging, complete with our private chef and all of the attention to detail you have come to expect. Teton Valley, Idaho boast a rich agricultural history with some of the most stunning views of the Grand Tetons.Visits to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park are easy day trips for those non-shooting guests or for extended travel.

The Blixt & Co hospitality team, including chef, butler, and guest service specialists, will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed after a day in the field. Our private chef, Stephanie Sias, will craft meals that feature many of our small local food growers and producers fresh from the farms and seasonally based.

Pheasant Hunting
Availability Subject to Change
Dates to be Released
Labrador Gun Dog
Availability Subject to Change
Dates to be Released
Loading Bag
Availability Subject to Change
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Double Gunning
Do I have to dress traditionally?

We encourage traditional dress, but it is not required. Please consider a jacket for dinner. No jeans, sneakers, camo or shorts on the line, please. Whatever clothing one chooses to wear, three important aspects should be borne in mind – comfort, protection against the elements and an eye for camouflage. By the latter, we don’t mean wearing camo gear such as for duck shooting; rather, you should avoid wearing bright, unnatural colors that stand out. Much of the shooting gear worn nowadays is traditional in style if not necessarily in material. However, there is absolutely no need to be a slave to such traditions.

Trousers are where tradition arrives on the scene. Most people, when shooting in the UK, wear knee breeches, normally made from woolen tweed. Don’t be put off by these trousers; they really are extremely comfortable and dare we say, practical. However, should you prefer to wear normal outdoor trousers, then please feel free to do so. A shirt and tie are traditionally worn (the tie is becoming more optional with every passing year). A jacket can be worn as the matching top half to your breeches, to make the traditional English tweed shooting suit. However, more and more people are taking the option of saving the tweed jacket for the slightly more formal affair of the shooting lunch and/or tea, whilst opting for the more practical shooting alternative of a waterproof coat. Most guns now wear lightweight Gore-Tex jackets – many of which exist. They are extremely comfortable, very warm and waterproof.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Visit for reference. If you are interested in ordering, we would be glad to help.

Can I shoot double guns?

Yes. All of our loaders are trained to double gun.

Can I bring my own guns. Do you have guns to use?

One of the benefits of Blixt & Co is the opportunity to bring and use your own guns.
If you need to borrow guns, let us know in advance as we have a limited supply of guns available for use.

What equipment should I bring?

We provide gun slips, loading bags and ammunition so there is no need to pack these bulky items. If you have personal eye and ear protection, bring it along. However we have plenty on hand if you need anything. We also have a pro-shop for any gear you might need.

The Keeper
What are the gratuity guidelines?

Tipping is certainly not mandatory but is permitted. Some of our guests have requested guidelines. Depending on the length of your stay you could consider $75-100/person/day for gratuity that will be distributed to all staff including the chef, hospitality, and Gamekeepers.

If you chose to tip your loader, we recommend $75-100 per day, discreetly doing so at the end of the day or on the last day of the shoot as you will most likely have the same loader for both days of shooting.

If you have a walk-up dog handler, we recommend tipping somewhere between $75-$150 at the end of the day.

What kind of cartridges do you provide?

We supply 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauge, Hull Cartridges 2 1/2″ game loads.

What chokes do you recommend?

We recommend modified and improved modified.

Do I need a license?

Yes. You will need a valid Idaho State Preserve License. This is a limited license and is not valid for other small game in areas outside of a shooting preserve. Once you fill out the license information form, we will provide this license for you.

**IF YOU ARE BORN AFTER 1975, you must have completed Hunter Safety and provide your hunter safety number to get a Idaho Hunting License.**

How do I get there?

We provide transportation to the lodge and shooting grounds from the Jackson Hole, Driggs and Idaho Falls airports. Please visit the Getting Here Page for directions and more information.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. We ask that if you bring your dog on peg, that it is under control and not a distraction for your safety and shooting.

How to


First things first, confirm your dates! Based on availability, once you have selected your preferred dates, please contact us to reserve and place your booking. Please note that all shoot days are booked on a first come first served basis, and the shooting schedule is subject to change.

Join Us at Blixt & Co

The Driven Shooting season starts in September and finishes by the end of November. We cater to a line of eight guns, and Blixt & Co. offers a number of different packages, all of which can be customized to fit your particular interest.


There are two ways to participate in this unique opportunity; as a full line of eight guns or as an individual. As an individual gun, you need to join our Shooting Syndicate. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sport without the need to find seven other friends to form a full team of guns.


When you are ready to begin the planning stage, our hospitality team is on hand to help you with all the details. Our team has a range of resources to help you and your guests to plan your trip, from packing lists to activities for non-shooting guests.