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Wildrose at Blixt & Co

Dog Program

Wildrose in partnerships with Blixt & Co., Teton Valley, ID offers world-class gundog experiences on the most athletic driven shoos in North America.


Wildrose in partnerships with Blixt & Co.offers world-class gundog experiences on the most athletic driven shoots in North America. Wildrose clients can benefit from the most intensive gundog training exposures available for their retrievers outside the United Kingdom.


Wildrose training staff operates onsite June through November annually offering training courses for basic (starter), seasoned and finished retrievers. Each dog will experience a diversity of rugged terrain, massive gunfire exposure and unmatched opportunities for game bird recovery on both driven and rough shooting walkups. On a shooting day, dogs are exposed to thousands of birds with the opportunity to pick up hundreds, affording unparalleled opportunities for retriever work.


Contact Ryan Alderman, [email protected], for training availability:

Basic gundog training

Seasoned retriever development

Finished retriever refinement

Picking up opportunities for finished retriever/handler teams

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The Blixt & Co dog team is a dedicated group of handlers from our area that share their passion for great dog work and commitment to recover every bird down. Utilizing their own dogs, some handlers running multiple dogs at a time, mark downed and wounded birds for timely and effective retrieval. At the end of every drive, a coordinated sweep ensures that all the game is respectfully gathered for the game cart.





Wildrose visiting handlers have the opportunity to pick up on an authentic driven shoot, which is rare in North America.  The dog captain organizes the team, providing guidelines for etiquette and handling expectations. Dogs and handlers are expected to work quietly, professionally and without e-collars.


Featured in nearly every sporting magazine and even on the cover of Forbes, Mike Stewart and the dogs of Wildrose Kennels have become, arguably one of the country’s leading trainers and breeders in the industry. Mike has also developed a specific training method that boast quiet, steady, eager dogs that are as good in the field as they are fireside. Taged as the “Gentleman’s Gundog”, Mike has also developed programs for the Adventure Dog, Diabetic Alert Dogs and of course the Sporting dog. All English Labradors, it won’t take you long to see why the waiting list for a dog from Wildrose is over 2 years!

For years we had searched for a trainer, familiar with the style and expectations of picking up on a driven shoot, to help Blixt & Co craft a strong dog program. On a Sunday morning read of a sporting magazine, we found him. A photo of Mike Stewart, surrounded by attentive dogs, all without e-collars, caught the eye of Lars Magnusson and by Wednesday, Lars was in Mississippi. The relationship between Wildrose and Blixt & Co has grown ever since.


In 2017, we took the partnership one step further, with Wildrose opening Wildrose Teton Valley. The Wildrose team will be onsite from June to November, offering a broad range of training. Wildrose will also direct and manage the Blixt Dog Team, acting as Dog Captain.


Blixt & Co is committed to the training method developed at Wildrose. We believe in the philosophy and results of training using the Wildrose Way.


Wildrose specializes in producing classic English Labrador hunting and adventure companions…The Gentleman’s Gundog…a dog of duality prepared to go anywhere, any time for any type of wingshooting or outside adventure. These are dogs that truly complement the families’ sporting lifestyle.


The Wildrose training processes are designed to create a positive, productive relationship between the gundog and the handler by establishing clear expectations for the retriever’s calm behavior and performance, as well as, a strong bond between the two. The balanced methods (The Wildrose Way) utilize positive habit formation to entrench essential behaviors such as ease of handle, gamefinding ability and compatibility.

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Picking Team


A unique opportunity with Blixt & Co. is a chance to be a part of an elite dog team designed to retrieve during the Driven Shoots each Fall. Your dog will be exposed to thousands of birds each day with chance to retrieve hundreds!


Dogs must be well trained and work well with other dogs. We will be offering multiple workshops throughout the year to educate dog and handler as to expectations and techniques needed for this particular style of dog work.  We encourage all dogs to be e-collar FREE.

Dog handling on a Driven Shoot is different than many other types of dog work. If you are curious and would like to learn more about picking up on a Driven Shoot, we are always glad to tell you more about our procedures, just ask!


We are also looking for working spaniels to build a sweeping team. If you have a working spaniel and are interested in more information, please contact us.

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