Blixt and Company | Jennifer Magnusson
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Jennifer Magnusson

Founder, Marketing & Hospitality

Born and raised in Jackson Hole, Mrs. Magnusson graduated with honors from Illinois State University, then returned to Jackson Hole in 2001 to establish a full-service graphic design and marketing firm. Her work as a designer introduced her to Driven Shooting and Mr. Magnusson.


An avid outdoors woman, she took up a shotgun and added some tweed to her wardrobe in addition to her fly rod and passion for the sporting life.  Jen and Lars launched themselves full force into the effort to bring traditional driven shooting to America, and Jen into making guests comfortable. In addition to serving as Marketing Director, Jen also works diligently on all aspects of the hospitality experience and guest service.  She also continues her efforts to encourage more women to participate in the shooting sports through the Blixt & Co. Ladies Syndicate. You will often find her and her daughter Emilia, in the afternoons on shoot days, picking up with the Magnusson dogs.


Founder and Hostess, Marketing


January 1, 2016