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Tales from the Field


Sharing tales of adventure, new destinations, news of note and the stories of the sporting life can all be found here. Check regularly or subscribe to our newsletter.

Cooking with Fire: Cowboy Cauldron

10 Tips for a Grilling Party This Summer By Cowboy Cauldron Founder, Mike Bertelsen   Using a Cowboy Cauldron, you are setting yourself apart from the crowd. A Cauldron party isn’t called a Cauldron party. It’s not a barbeque, either. It’s a Burn.   Here are 10 tips for your Burn. Used individually or in combinations of your own, these ideas will make your events the talk of the town:   1 -             Serve something local, and grill it. Don’t get caught up in thinking that only protein gets grill treatment. Something...

Krieghoff K80 Parcours

      [gallery ids="3047,3048,3049,3050,3051,3052,3053"] The Birth of the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours Shotgun   H.Krieghoff of Ulm, Germany, which was founded as Sempert & Krieghoff in 1886, had been producing European hunting guns, mostly double rifles and multibarrel combination rifle/shotgun firearms for the European market. After WW II ended, however, Russia assumed control of E. Germany and Heinrich Krieghoff escaped to Ulm, W. Germany. At the same time, Remington suspended production of its Model 32, released in 1932, and Heinrich resumed production of the Remington Model 32 as the patent rights held...

The French Laundry

The French Laundry “Irons” Its Way into Blixt Thomas Keller came up the international culinary arts “ladder” the old fashion way – mentored by his mom in her Palm Beach restaurant, then apprenticing in the France, and finally opening his own restaurant in New York in 1986. This was then followed by executive chef positions in California – all great learning experiences on his way to become a world acclaimed entrepreneur in the culinary arts. In 1994, he took ownership of The French Laundry in Yountville, Calif....

  • Piotti Detail Engraving


Five Matched Piotti Shotguns” are a rarity but with the bore sizes (gauges) 12, 12, 20, 28, and .410 then the set is astonishing. Matched pairs are common and trios are not unusual , but a set of five is an anomaly, especially in descending bore sizes starting with a pair of 12s. For the discriminating sportsman and jet setting shooter, the matched pair of 12 bores for driven shooting or blind pass shooting are a dream. For walk up shooting, the matching “sibling” small bores...