Blixt and Company | Planning Your Visit
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Your Visit

As you begin to plan you visit to Blixt & Co, please feel free to contact our Guest Service Coordinator and staff to answer any questions that might arise. Once you have confirmed your dates, we will provide a range of planning documents to ensure every detail is covered.


First things first, confirm your dates. Blixt & Co. works on a return business model, that basically means, once you have secured dates, they are yours from year to year, until you release them. This allows you to plan on the same dates each year. More on How to Book.


Sometimes the hardest part of organizing a shooting trip is managing schedules. Send your invites early. If you are a guest, respond quickly.


The Blixt Team is always available to help you with any planning or questions. Please complete the pre-trip planning forms that provide our team with all of the information we need to ensure you and your guests are comfortable. These forms include your guest list, travel itinerary, guns, and any special needs or requests.


Blixt & Co will provide comfortable, elegant hospitality and lodging, complete with our private chef and all of the attention to detail you have come to expect. Teton Valley, Idaho boast a rich agricultural history with some of the most stunning views of the Grand Tetons. Visits to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park are easy day trips for those non-shooting guests or for extended travel.


The Blixt & Co hospitality team, including chef, butler, and guest service specialists, will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed after a day in the field. Our private chef, Stephanie Sias, will craft meals that feature many of our small local food growers and producers, fresh from the farms and seasonally based.



We encourage non-shooting guests! We are delighted to help plan additional activities for those interested in exploring the area and region. From fly-fishing and art classes to shopping and spas, there is much to see and do.

Need more Advice?

As with all our guests, we gladly provide transportation from our three area airports; Jackson Wyoming, Idaho Falls Idaho and Driggs Idaho. Commercial air service is available from Jackson and Idaho Falls and private and charter air service is available in Driggs.


Daily, non-stop air service to Jackson is available from Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver and Salt Lake City and weekly non-stop service from Atlanta, Newark and Dallas.

We also recommend Idaho Falls airport for commercial service, particularly later in the season as the weather is often more stable.



Other Airports:
We highly recommend the airport in Driggs for FPO.

Teton Aviation Center
:  Phone 208-354-3100 / 800-472-6382. Located in Driggs, ID, Serving private and charter flights only with a lighted 7,300 foot runway.


If you or any of your guests need guns, let us know as we have house guns available. All of our loaders are trained to double gun, so if you would like to shoot a pair, we encourage you to bring them. We have several gauges of ammunition available: 12, 16, 20, 28.


We provide gun slips and loading bags, so there is no need to pack these bulky items. Your loader will clean your guns for you every day.

The Keeper

Depending on the time of year, footwear will vary. Early season (August-September) is typically dry, although we can get afternoon storms. Late season (October-November) we start to get snow in October and by end of November we can have several inches on the ground. Wellies can be too hot in early season, but helpful in later season. Good, sturdy, comfortable shoes or boots are key to a comfortable day in the field. If you plan to walk up or if you are attending a Rough Shoot, be prepared to walk significant distances, possibly in the snow.


We encourage traditional dress, less as a slave to tradition, but most of the gear is incredibly practical. Our only rules about clothing are No jeans, sneakers or camo. More about clothing here.


Bring layers! This is key.


As with footwear, clothing requirements are different as the season progresses. Early season can be VERY warm and we encourage guests to consider the weather. By mid to late October, we are certainly seeing snow. It is better to bring more than less. If you need to send luggage prior to your travel, we can gladly receive your package.

How to


First things first, confirm your dates! Based on availability, once you have selected your preferred dates, please contact us to reserve and place  your booking. Please note that all shoot days are booked on a first come first served basis, and the shooting schedule is subject to change.

Join Us at Blixt & Co

The Driven Shooting season starts in September and finishes by the end of November. We cater to a line of eight guns, and Blixt & Co. offers a number of different packages, all of which can be customized to fit your particular interest.


There are two ways to participate in this unique opportunity; as a full line of eight guns or as an individual. As an individual gun, you need to join our Shooting Syndicate. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sport without the need to find seven other friends to form a full team of guns.


When you are ready to begin the planning stage, our hospitality team is on hand to help you with all the details. Our team has a range of resources to help you and your guests to plan your trip, from packing lists to activities for non-shooting guests.