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Driven Shooting in America

Blixt & Co

Blixt & Co. offers premier, traditional, driven pheasant and partridge shooting in the United States of America, and it’s our goal to bring a long-held English tradition to the majestic American West.

Jennifer & Lars Magnusson

Helmed by Lars & Jennifer Magnusson, Blixt & Co. channels experience and knowledge that need little introduction, and a standard of tradition, etiquette, and excellence that require no exaggeration.


In 2009 Blixt & Co. secured the sporting rights on Lazy Triple Creek, 2,200 acres in Idaho, which became the catalyst to test the vision of bringing traditional Driven Shooting to America. Over the next four seasons, the Blixt & Co. team proved that not only is traditional Driven Shooting possible in North America, but it is an authentic experience guests return to again and again.


In the fall of 2011, preparations began for the next rendition of Driven Shooting in America; a new shooting estate, Twin Peaks was developed as the first driven Red-leg Partridge shoot in North America. Fast and challenging, the Red-leg Partridge is a sporty bird and a thrill among enthusiasts. The rolling hills and valleys of the 620-acre Twin Peaks Estate was a perfect place to create a shoot that is a spectacular sporting venue. Popular in Spain and England, the Red-leg Partridge is imported and custom hatched in the United States. The first season in 2012 was a resounding success, with the sportsman being enthusiastic for next season’s challenge!


The 2016 season adds a new and exciting property to the offerings. Ash Hill, a 1600-acre property is conducive to high pheasant and will provide a fantastic complement to Twin Peaks.

The couple, Lars from a small village in southern Sweden, and Jen, a native of Jackson Hole, started their dream to bring an unfamiliar sport to the place that they call home. Over the last few years they have engaged the local communities in their journey, bringing Driven Shooting to the American West.


“On a days shooting we have over 40 people on staff.” says Lars. “Many people and local businesses are needed to produce our shooting experience.  From college students at BYU Idaho, local farmers, grocery stores, agricultural suppliers, the Team at Driggs airport, neighbors and friends; without all these resources in our valley we would not be able to make this dream of ours come true”.


As Blixt & Company continues to grow, the focus is always on new, innovative solutions and ideas to enrich the customer experience, particularly in areas and concepts such as farm to table. Working with the local farmers, artists and the rich agricultural heritage of Teton Valley will always be the backbone of the company. Artists, musicians, wine makers and artisan food producers are all a part of the land, infusing it with soul, heritage, character and imagination. It is all part of the Blixt & Company vision of sustainable living in the seasons of Idaho.


First Season


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Meet Our


Comprised of leaders and experts in the shooting sports, the Blixt & Co. team works diligently to create experiences and estates that could be considered some of the world’s best. Constantly evaluating opportunities to grow and expand, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, the knowledge, experience and commitment of the Blixt & Co. team is the heart of what we do.

Blixt & Co. impacts our community by creating jobs in our rural communities, developing new partnerships, areas of expertise and incorporating global resources while focusing on utilizing local businesses in our area. From dog handlers and hospitality staff, to our 25 man strong beating team, the Blixt & Co. staff is often recognized by our customers as friendly and professional.


Considering his ancestry, Lars’ affinity for shooting comes as little surprise. His father is still an avid sportsman in the famed Scandanavian hunting grounds where Lars was born and raised. And his great-grandfather— Bengt Blixt — was a hunter and fisher of no small repute in the same region. His great-grandfather’s name (Blixt means “lightning” in Swedish) was chosen for this latest shooting venture in homage to a family long steeped in the sport.

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Born and raised in Jackson Hole, Jen is an avid outdoors woman; in addition to her fly rod and passion for the sporting life, she took up a shotgun and added a bit of tweed to her wardrobe.  Jen and Lars launched themselves full force into the effort to bring traditional driven shooting to America, and Jen into making guests comfortable. In addition to serving as Marketing Director, Jen also works diligently on all aspects of the hospitality experience and guest service. You will often find her, in the afternoons on shoot days, picking up with the Magnusson dogs.

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Our core staff is advised by a small group of individuals who provide their expertise, advice and knowledge to help us address all challenges and take advantage of every opportunity.

CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS: Mr. Mike Bertelsen, Mr. Willie Cole, Mr. Todd Maclin, Mr. Perk Perkins, Mr. Roddy Richmond-Watson, Mr. Anders Roman

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Stephanie Sias is the executive chef for Blixt and Co. She has been in the Wyoming / Idaho area for 4 years after coming to the valley on a whim that worked out in her favor. Stephanie is a native of West Virginia and a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. She has since worked in places such as W Hotels, Aman properties, and acclaimed restaurants in the area. Her vast job experience has covered a plethora of cuisines that span from bakeries to sushi, and almost everything in between.

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John Stutchbury has always loved the outdoors and country life. From the age of nine, John new he had a passion for gamekeeping. After graduation,  he worked for Mr. Jacques as a trainee under keeper, followed by a position with Mr. Oyston at Claughton Hall under the guidance of his head gamekeeper. In February of 2001, John took a job abroad, working for Mr. Lamoge in Belgium.

Returned to the UK in August of 2003 and spent the next six years building a shoot, and in 2012 we became the proud parent of a fine boy, Theo. He join the Blixt & Co team in the Spring of 2016 to learn yet another aspect to farming and crafting a shoot in a new environment.

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